Too!!!! Many!!!! Exclamation POINTS!!!!

In episode 3 of Comics Reading Comics, which you can listen to here, Sam hilariously reads all the exclamation point of the Thing. The use of exclamation points in early comics are an English teachers nightmare which might be one of the reasons they were vilified by adults. I wonder how many students had to corrected that it is not proper to use an exclamation point at the end of every sentence.

This writer says that writers show contempt for the reader by overindulging in exclamation points. You can read his remarks here. He says the interrobang is unnecessary?! How dare he?! I don’t think that Stan Lee and other early comic writers and letterers had contempt for their audience.

So why did early comics use exclamation points? There is a fun discussion of it here. Apparently, it was because printers would not print a period and not because Stan Lee held disdain for his readers.


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