The Fixer’s Magical Cigar

In the second episode of Comics Reading Comics, Sam points out the magical nature of the Fixer’s cigar. It grows. It shrinks. It is sometimes lit and other times it appears not to be lit. It never leaves his lips and even when it does…index12…it somehow magically appears back in his mouth.

All of this got me thinking about cigars. Cigar smoking has become a classier way to die of cancer.  Some cigar smokers may justify there behavior and say it’s safer than cigarettes but the mayo clinic disagrees. Here is what they have to say about it.

…and it did not do the Fixer much good either.the fixer

Got to give to the Fixer for not losing his stogie even as he was dying, though. The cigar smoking gangster is a classic stereotype. You could chalk this cigar thing as a villain doing bad things. “Don’t be a gangster kids. And don’t smoke. Stay in school.” That sort of thing, but then Marvel has it’s share of smoking heroes too.nick fury cigar

Here is an interesting link that discusses the smoking trope in heroes and villians…

All of that being said. Don’t be a gangster kids. And don’t smoke. And stay in school.