No, Officer. My Assailant was not Dressed as Night Thrasher

In episode 106 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, Matt Tate confessed that he was recently attacked when a crazy person hit him over the head with a skateboard as he walked down the street in Hollywood, CA. No, this person was not a Night Thrasher cosplayer. That would have been kind of awesome. If it was a Night Thrasher cosplayer, then they were the worst cosplayer of all time, because his costume looked more like a cracked out gang-banger. This happened in the middle of the freakin’ day on a busy sidewalk. Hollywood is getting dangerous people. Pauley Perrette was recently attacked outside of her Hollywood Hills home. You can read a LA Times article about that here.

Just for fun, you can see the current crime statistics of Hollywood…here.


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