Mr. Fantastic and the Thing…Classic Co-Dependents.

In the third episode of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, the law firm of Nelson and Murdock is besieged upon by a visit from the Thing as well as the rest of the Fantastic Four. It occurs to me that Mr. Fantastic and the Thing are engaged in classic co-dependent behaviors. You can read about what co-dependency is here and here.

The Thing smashes through the Matt and Foggy’s law firm and is completely unapologetic about the destruction he has caused. Mr. Fantastic follows behind the Thing offering to pay for any damages allowing the Thing to not to take ownership of his actions. This is most likely fueled by Mr. Fantastic’s guilt from his role in the transformation of Ben Grimm into the Thing.

Newsflash…Ben Grimm….is was an accident. Bad things happen to everyone. Just because you are a super strong orange rock monster, this does not get you permission to go through life destroying other peoples property.

The appropriate response from Mr. Fantastic would be the creation of healthy boundaries, such as no longer paying for any damage created by the Thing.  The Invisible Woman and the Human Torch should initiate an intervention.

In all seriousness if you believe you that you may be co-dependent, this organization can help…


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