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“The podcast is about our experiences growing up in a small town called Reedley and how they differ from life in a big city. While you grow up you think that everyone has the same experiences as you do, but we really don’t. Our childhood and teenage years were very unique compared to those who grew up in Los Angeles, I have come to found out.” –Augustine Lopez

True to their roots, cousins Augie Lopez and Isaiah Pacheco began their show in early 2013 and since then they have given their own take on topics including high school experiences, bad haircuts, outrageous drinking anecdotes, and everything else in-between.

Augie and Isaiah invite co-workers, family, friends and special guests to add their own stories and experiences to the show. The Late Night Early Morning Show takes the everyday conversation and gives it a comedic twist, sharing thoughts and opinions about the topics everyone discusses on a daily basis.



Augie Lopez
Augie LopezPresident & Co-Founder
Born and raised in Reedley, CA, the fruit basket of the world itself. Shortly after high school he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance. After his success in videos, shows and overall exotic entertainment he still remains in the great city of Los Angeles. Augie entered into the podcast world at the beginning of 2013, to create and share his favorite part of life… a room full of dudes having a good time!
Isaiah Pacheco
Isaiah PachecoCo-Founder
Reedley, CA native and world traveler. He has traveled as both a student in Brazil and as a service to his country. He spent six years in Army Special Operations with mutliple deployments. After his completion of service he went back to school as a Computer Science major and now works as a Software Engineer in Los Angeles.

Our Valuable Team Members

Darcy Wallace
Darcy WallaceProducer/Writer
Darcy’s roots are in suburban Detroit, where she grew up riding horses, enduring blizzards, and using the term “pop”. After graduating college with a journalism degree, she and her boyfriend moved to sunny Los Angeles. She has served as the LNEMS podcast news anchor and is now an infrequent contributor.

Batting Average: .755

Courtney Beramn
Courtney Beramn
Courtney is from a small town in Northern California and has spent the last 15 years recovering from being a sorority girl at Cal State Northridge. Courtney joined the podcast full time in 2015 and just recently started doing standup comedy. She’s also responsible for 2 kids, 1 Jewish husband, and 2 grouchy Cats. Courtney likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. She’s not into health food. She is into champagne.
Melissa Camarillo
Melissa CamarilloProducer/Sound Effects
Born and raised in LA, I’ve listened to all styles and genres of radio. I love being part of a team that reflects hard work and genuine passion. #Ipushthebuttons
Darryl Kurylo
Darryl KuryloMC/Friend
Born and Bred in Michigan. He was the first person in his family to drop out of Dental School. Ran away to Hollywood to do voices. And now he does voices.

Tony Grinshtein
Tony GrinshteinDJ/Guest
I create all the mixes on the LNEMS podcast. I further contribute my expertise whenever Augie needs assistance with editing or recording.
Howie Walfish
Howie WalfishGuest/Host UnFocused
Growing up hanging out at a schoolyard in NYC, leaves one with no choice but to develop a quick & sharp wit…which Howie did at a young age & which stays with him to this day…helping him to create a very fun & entertaining podcast.
Angelo Walker
Angelo WalkerGuest/Friend
Just a kid from the tough streets of LA who went on to have a Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys before retiring as the greatest Wide Receiver to ever play the game. Wait, what?! Sorry, that was 12 year old me. That dream didn’t quite come true although I was a standout player throughout high school and college. I’m still working towards the Hall of Fame only now I hope to be recognized as a great husband, father, friend and entrepreneur.
Jack Hautizinger
Jack HautizingerIn-House Sexism Expert
Sometimes a person comes along that touches you in the very core of humanity. Jack is the essence of humanity. An individual that should be praised among men for his humility. He is also humble, so very humble. Born in the Wilderness of Idaho and raised by wolves, Jack finds himself in the urban jungle of Los Angeles trying to survive using his dashing good looks, razor sharp intellect, and his humility. So very humble. Jack brews his own booze and loves talking beer. He might also be the second coming of The Christ. Sometimes people come from far away just to meet him and learn to be as humble as him.
Sam Manual
Sam ManualGuest/Co-Host LTB
This one time in a sub-continent of some repute a birth did take place. a child was brought forth and he was given a name that later an indian bingo casino would rip of…um…but i digress…lets say several years passed and our hero found himself in los angeles ca….his friends told him he was funny (though his father said not as funny as the cake boss) so he persued acting and comedy…he met a latino fellow who was coarse and low brow but they made comedy magic and lower the bar was born…(well more like a bad experiment in the lab turning out to go ok)…um…tada
Terri Lopez
Terri LopezMom
Reedley native and can sell you a home if you really want one out here. Mother to 3 children and one of them is my favorite. Whatever is going on in your daily life take time to be still. Eat to live, pray often, and love always.
Noel Waddell
Noel WaddellGuest
Moved to Los Angeles from Dallas, TX six years ago. Started college and that’s where Augie and I met. I currently work in IT in the Los Angeles metro area. That’s all about my exciting life!
Geovany Guifarro
Geovany GuifarroAudio Engineer
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, not a very interesting man. Started to collect music and movies at the age of 16 so that he can have more than anyone in his school and friends. Now he has almost a total of 200,000 songs and over 300 movies of all genres.
David Lopez
David LopezDad
Augie’s father and Terri’s husband. Good music never gets old. Don’t forget to BBQ this week.
Rose Lopez
Rose LopezGrandma
I have know Augie for all his life and I can truly say he is my favorite grandchild.
Augustine Lopez
Augustine LopezGrandpa
I just want to hear some good music that makes the box move.
Mike Sielaff
Mike SielaffGuest
Description coming soon.
Gabe Trevino
Gabe TrevinoGuest/Co-Host LTB
Description coming soon.


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