Foggy!!! She doesn’t like you! or Sexual harassment at Nelson & Murdock

One of the most hilarious things we like to make fun of as we readearly issues of Daredevil is the insane amount of sexual harassment. We really get into it with our cast member Erin Gabbard in episode 3. You can listen to the episode…here. The second Karen walks in the door for a job she is besieged by advances from Foggy.  It doesn’t get better. Foggy is constantly after her, but she does not spur his advances. Is she scared of losing her job, maybe?

Karen as a character isn’t much better. She falls immediately in love with Matt Murdock and hopes to marry him without ever going on a date. Which sets up a weird uncomfortable love triangle where everyone falls in love with an idea without ever actually knowing the person.

How does anyone get any work done? If this were today, Karen Page would be suing Foggy Nelson in about half a second. It is interesting to see how they are handling this dynamic on the Netflix show.

Reading these issues and watching shows like Mad Men make me wonder was it that bad in the ’60s. Did women get hit on that much in the workplace? Do they still? I’m a dude. I don’t know, so I googled to try and find out.

This lady says it was worse than on Mad Men…here.

Dang! I guess these comics are a pretty fair depiction of how women were treated in the work place in the 60’s. I know women still get catcalled and harassed in many different ways, but women’s treatment in the workplace has come a long way. If you ever hear anyone differ, have them read early issues of Daredevil.


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