Foggy Nelson

Why do I portray Foggy Nelson with such a pathetic voice? Yes, in later years Foggy comes in too his own, but in the early 60’s, he was written as a true sad sack. This is a far cry from the Foggy Nelson of the Netflix show. In love with a woman who is way out of his league and obviously attracted to someone else, it is hard when reading these early books not to get frustrated with Foggy. I think in part because very often we can find ourselves in Foggy’s shoes; not wanting to take the hint. Karen Page is totally objectified by Foggy which is another source of frustration. He obviously seeks to possess Karen. Karen is not much better. They both talk of marrying someone they have known all of a couple of weeks without ever going on a date. Did people do this in the sixties? Just walk up to someone with a ring. A simpler, dumber time perhaps. Enough ranting about Foggy. Here is his wiki page:

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