Comics Reading Comics Episode 105 – the OWL part 1.

Comics Reading Comics Episode 105 - the Owl part 1. Gabe, Sam, Matt, and Erin welcome voice-over artist Bill Ott to read Daredevil #3 with Ominous Owl. You can listen to episode here.  Here is a link to the digital comic if you would like to read along with us ...http://read.marvel.com/#/book/4264 Subscribe 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Blind Man…in…SPACE!!!

Blind man...in...SPACE!!!! In episode 104, we finish reading Daredevil #2 where Daredevil, a blind man, lands a rocketship in the middle of Central Park without the slightest injury.  You can listen to the episode here. So out of curiosity, I googled "Blind Man in Space" and found this interesting TED talk. This fool was [...]

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The Union Status of Electro

Electro's Union Status? On episode 103 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, we discuss Electro's union status. If Electro was a line electrician in the city of New York, it is logical to assume that Electro would be a member of the local electricians union; most likely Local Union 3 [...]

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What the Heck is a BlackJack?

What the Heck is a BlackJack? In episode 103 which you can listen to here, Matt described a weapon that one of the thugs used to attack Daredevil as a blackjack. There was some confusion as to what a blackjack is. A blackjack is a small leather billy club that is weighted at the [...]

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Too Many!!!! Exclamation !!!! POINTS !!!!

Too!!!! Many!!!! Exclamation POINTS!!!! In episode 3 of Comics Reading Comics, which you can listen to here, Sam hilariously reads all the exclamation point of the Thing. The use of exclamation points in early comics are an English teachers nightmare which might be one of the reasons they were vilified by adults. I wonder [...]

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We are trying

We are trying....really hard As the new year starts we are trying to figure out how to work the blog our producer set up for us. Subscribe

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Mr. Fantastic and the Thing…Classic Co-Dependents

Mr. Fantastic and the Thing...Classic Co-Dependents. In the third episode of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, the law firm of Nelson and Murdock is besieged upon by a visit from the Thing as well as the rest of the Fantastic Four. It occurs to me that Mr. Fantastic and the Thing [...]

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Episode 103. Daredevil Battles Electro

Episode 103. Daredevil Battles Electro In Episode 103, Gabe, Matt, and Sam were joined by new regular cast member Erin Gabbard. Also, John Corrigan jumped in for episodes 103 and 104 as the evil Electro. Hijinks insue as we read Daredevil #2. You can read along with us. A link for the digital comics [...]

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Foggy!!! She doesn’t like you or Sexual Harassment at Nelson & Murdock

Foggy!!! She doesn't like you! or Sexual harassment at Nelson & Murdock One of the most hilarious things we like to make fun of as we readearly issues of Daredevil is the insane amount of sexual harassment. We really get into it with our cast member Erin Gabbard in episode 3. You can listen [...]

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