Welcome to Bound Network! We’re a relatively young  podcasting network for any type of podcasts. We’re here for two reasons: 

  1. Bound Network can help you build your own podcast and give you all the necessary tools you need to be successful. Read on for more details further down!
  2. As a podcast network, we host some great podcasts. We hope you’ll check a few of them out!

They say if you follow your passions, you will succeed. Well, that’s what we’ve been doing in recent years and, so far, things are looking pretty great! The Bound Network was born out Augie’s passion for recording others. He was always interested in other people’s stories or in their messages. That was going well and other people starting asking him to record them. That snowballed into enough recordings that Augies and his business partner, Isaiah Pacheco, realized it was time to create a network. And, here they are today!


Audio Editing 85
Programming 71
Podcasting 90
Ballet 20


Our first podcast, The Late Night Early Morning Show, aired in 2013, and with that Bound Network was pretty much born in what we could consider as the somewhat-early years of podcasting. We weren’t exactly pioneers in podcasting, but Bound Network has tapped into something. We are always on the lookout for ways to expand the network. Interested? Please reach out to us using our contact form. We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to discuss your ideas for your own podcast.


We’re two guys who love recording and have expanded our brand and company to include editing, producing, and promotions. Our passion is all-things podcasting. We love our work, and we think it shows. More importantly, though, Bound Network has grown into a company supported by a terrific team of highly skilled and passionate individuals. We are proud to say that our team is a like a (functional) small family committed to churning out terrific podcasts.


Since launching Bound Network a year ago, we’ve been podcasting some truly great and diverse comedy podcasts along with a few others. (Remember, we’re always looking to expand our podcasts!)  Here on our website you can find our flagship podcast: The Late Night Early Morning Show. We also offer Comics Reading Comics, a podcast where comics actually read the comics. You don’t need to love the comics to enjoy these podcasts; you just need the desire for a good laugh. Scroll through our site and click freely. We think you’ll enjoy any of our podcasts as much as everyone else does!

If you’re interested in more than listening to podcasts – meaning you’d like to make your own podcast, you’ve come to the right place. We can help!



I just wanted to create an environment where I can hang out with my friends and be creative at the same time. It has turned into something else and is growing very rapidly.
I don’t really help out or do anything. I am just here for my looks. I’m an idea man. I thrive on enthusiasm. Don’t take the wind out of my sails #Psych #WeddingCrashers
Born and raised in LA, I’ve listened to all styles and genres of radio. I love being part of a team that reflects hard work and genuine passion. #Ipushthebuttons
DJ, Audio Engineer
I create all the mixes on the LNEMS podcast. I further contribute my expertise whenever Augie needs assistance with editing or recording.
Augie has a specific direction he wants to take the network and I am happy he has made me a part of that.
JIMMY ANTAPARAWordPress Consultant
I don’t really help out or do anything. I am just here for my looks. I’m an idea man. I thrive on enthusiasm. Don’t take the wind out of my sails



We help you organize your ideas to pick the correct theme, format and length for your show.

Think Out of the Box

No matter what your subject matter or music, if you create a listenable program, you’ll find an appreciative audience.


We record a digital signal by connecting high quality XLR mics to FireStudio Project to get a nice rich sound.

Sounding Good

One of the most revolutionary and profound aspects of podcasting is its populist nature: anybody can make one.


We use comprehensive toolsets, including waveform, spectral display, and multitrack. Our programs deliver the highest standards in audio quality.

Adobe Audition / Studio One

Once you’ve captured the audio, it’s time to splice it all together and trim it down.


We are using the latest technology, we streamline workflow to make loading to podcast directories a piece of cake!

RSS Feed

At its most basic, a podcast is simply an audio file sent automatically to subscribers over the internet.


We are experts in the indispensable tools used to manage social networks for ultimate audience engagement.


We use Hootsuite to help with all our social media. Hootsuite is a social media management system for brand management


Bound Network is not just for podcasting. They also have an online radio station. Internet radio is distinct from podcasting, which involves downloading rather than streaming.


Internet radio involves streaming media, presenting listeners with a continuous stream of audio that typically cannot be paused or replayed, much like traditional broadcast media.



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What happened at Apalachin? In episode 106 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, Erin Gabbard ask the question, "Could there have been something that happened in the sixties that we don't [...]

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No, Officer. My Assailant was not Dressed as Night Thrasher In episode 106 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, Matt Tate confessed that he was recently attacked when a crazy person [...]

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Daredevil Season 2! The Punisher!!! Elektra !!! But what about the Knapsack?! In episode 105 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, the gang reads Daredevil #3 and discover the inordinate time [...]

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Nothing is that Wrinkle Free! In episode 105 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, we have a good laugh over how Daredevil wads up his suit for lawyering into a ball [...]

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Stan Lee's Amore for Alliteration...see what I did there? In episode 105 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, we discuss Stan Lee's love for alliteration. You may be asking, "I'm not [...]

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Comics Reading Comics Episode 105 - the Owl part 1. Gabe, Sam, Matt, and Erin welcome voice-over artist Bill Ott to read Daredevil #3 with Ominous Owl. You can listen to episode here.  Here is [...]

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Blind man...in...SPACE!!!! In episode 104, we finish reading Daredevil #2 where Daredevil, a blind man, lands a rocketship in the middle of Central Park without the slightest injury.  You can listen to the episode here. [...]

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Electro's Union Status? On episode 103 of Comics Reading Comics which you can listen to here, we discuss Electro's union status. If Electro was a line electrician in the city of New York, it [...]

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What the Heck is a BlackJack? In episode 103 which you can listen to here, Matt described a weapon that one of the thugs used to attack Daredevil as a blackjack. There was some [...]

It’s always a good time going over and recording the podcast. You are so comfortable that Augie makes you open up like you are talking to Barbara Walters.
Angelo Walker, Guest, LNEMS
Once upon a time 2 dummies wanted to record their pointless ramblings…In stepped Bound Network. From the very 1st mic check to every posted episode Augie and the crew makes it feel like family. They make us look good!
Sam Manual, Co-Host, Lower the Bar Podcast
I am very happy & satisfied with doing my podcast at Bound Network. Everyone involved is a consummate professional, thereby delivering a product I can be proud of. Aside from that, recording at Bound Network is always a lot of fun!
Howie Walfish, Host, UnFocused


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